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I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)

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I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Image Source: DHgate

Hello and welcome to 2019, where the average person spends around ten hours a day staring at a screen. Let that sink in. Between our cellphones, computers, and televisions, it’s impossible to avoid. I’m not hating on technology, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. What would we do without it? We’d be printing out our MapQuests for road trips, running home after work to wait for an important phone call, and playing A LOT more board games. So lets all give our technology-driven existences some extra love because it’s made day-to-day life SO much better. However, what’s not better is our vision.

You’ve probably experienced the effects without recognizing it. Do you ever get blurred vision or headaches at your desk? Dry eyes, fatigued eyes, or redness? Have you had trouble falling asleep after scrolling through social media before bedtime? So the problem with the screens we’re glued to throughout the day (and night) is that they emit what’s called a blue light. Blue light isn’t all bad, our bodies actually need it to regulate our sleep cycles and its naturally emitted from the sun. Our eyes were just not designed to be constantly exposed to it for hours on end. Blue light penetrates the eyes’ natural filters, so extensive exposure can disrupt our sleep cycle, cause eye strain, and even cause permanent damage to our vision. Luckily, there is a solution and it’s becoming more and more popular among millennials: blue light glasses. No, they are not literally blue glasses, but these seemingly normal-looking lenses decrease the amount of blue light you’re exposed to on a daily basis and help to mitigate the strain on your eyes.

So if you’re someone who spends most of their day staring at a screen, check out Felix Gray. While, they were one of the first companies to come out with blue light glasses, they are certainly not the only place to find them (Amazon carries them, naturally). And the best part? They are really, really cute. No one will ever know the difference between blue light glasses and plain optical lenses, so If you’re someone like me who doesn’t wear glasses but has always wanted to, now is your chance!

Posted by Abby