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I’m About To Spice Up Your Life

I’m About To Spice Up Your Life

Growing up, I had a lot of weird life goals (I swear, they became a bit more attainable as I entered high school.) I wanted to be a mermaid. I wanted to be part of Harry Potter’s wizarding world. And I wanted to be the sixth member of the Spice Girls.

Now, those dreams can finally become a reality.

Like I mentioned in a past post, if I want to be the next Ariel, I can always attend the mermaid school.  If I want to be part of Harry Potter’s wizarding world, I can *possibly* attend the American school that is based in Massachusetts (yeah, JK Rowling JUST dropped that nugget of info recently.) And now, I can audition to be part of the best girl band ever.

Sadly, Posh is just too posh these days and dropped out of the band (bad choice, girl.) And, I’ll admit, I was a bit heartbroken when I saw Sporty Spice followed suit.

Clearly, the Spice Girls cannot go on as a three-woman show. That’s why they’ve just begun their search to find the next gal to spice up your life.

And I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.

I really, really want to be a Spice Girl.

So be warned…if you don’t see me at the office next week, know I’m probably living my 90’s dream!

Posted by Robbin.