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I’m Too Sexy for My Pad

I’m Too Sexy for My Pad

I’ll never forget the afternoon I spent at 10-years-old devouring Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, Judy Blume’s coming-of-age tale that girls, women and curious dudes have been reading since the dawn of time (or 1970, whichever came first).  Something that struck me back then, and that I’ve thought about very little since, was the 70s broads’ menstrual protection of choice—the sanitary belt.  This retro contraption is exactly what you would imagine, a diaper-like, Titanic-sized pad that belted around your hips.  This does not sound like a “happy period” to me, Always.  Fortunately for womankind, adhesive pads and tampons arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, rendering Aunt Flo’s chastity belt relatively obsolete.  At least until now.  Thinking it sufficiently sexy to double as lingerie, an ebay seller has taken to peddling the mid-cycle garb in a variety of designs, including several styles for the menstruating man in your life.

If I wanted to be saddled with something between my legs I’d buy a strap-on, thankyouverymuch.  What are your thoughts on the return of this vintage accessory?

Posted by Abby