This is Important: Meet Chris Mosier, Team USA’s First Openly Trans Athlete

There have been a lot of interesting Olympic headlines in mainstream media of late. Ryan Lochte was robbed…maybe; Massachusetts native, Aly Raisman, kicked ass; and Usain Bolt broke a bunch of world records. All this Olympic talk has me thinking about sports (It’s a weird time for me, I know!). I’m not usually one to follow sports or the Olympics, but I recently stumbled upon an athlete whom I hadn’t heard anything about, which is a real bummer because I think his story is important and deserves to be told! Meet Chris Mosier, Team USA’s first trans athlete ever.












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Chris started competing in triathlons as a woman and began transitioning around 2010 when he began identifying as a trans man. In 2015, he qualified for a spot on Team USA’s sprint duathlon men’s team for the 2016 World Championships. Due to a long-standing IOC policy which restricted trans men and women from competing in gender categories outside of their biological sex, Chris was unsure of his eligibility to compete. He challenged the IOC’s outdated policies and, because of his fierce advocacy, was able to change the rules. Now Chris will be able to compete in the 2017 Switzerland championships. In other words, he didn’t like the rules, so he changed them. What a badass!


In the span of a year, Chris was able to qualify for a championship athletic team, change entrenched policies and become a household name. Here’s a guy who is being true to himself and helping to enact change on a global level. Chris says, “[Change] happens from the bottom up just as much from the top down.” After reading his story, I have to agree: those words couldn’t be more true! This is certainly a tremendous first step toward equality in sports, but it’s only a start. In an interview with Out magazine, Chris ends by saying, “I got my male privilege when I transitioned. When I competed against cisgender men, when I won against them, it was so positive. It was almost a non-story. Trans women don’t have that same experience in athletics. We need to make sure we can include them in a way that is safe for them. That’s the next conversation we need to have.”

“Since I was a kid, it’s always been a dream to be in a Nike ad,” he tells Out. Kudos to you, Chris. Stay rad.

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