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In an Absolut World, Everything Will Change…or at Least the Ads

In an Absolut World, Everything Will Change…or at Least the Ads

Since their first ad campaign launched in 1981, Absolut Vodka ads have been admired, collected, and sought after. In 1985, the hip Andy Warhol helped take the already famous campaign to the next level. After he painted the Absolut bottle, hundreds of other artists, designers, and photographers began capturing the beauty of the bottle. The clever advertisements featuring the classic bottle in its own photo shoot of sorts, along with a catchy logo, have graced magazines and billboards with great anticipation ever since.

Starting in 2010, the bottle will no longer be the star in the Absolut adverts. As part of the In an Absolut World campaign, which began in 2007, Kate Beckinsale and Zoeey Deschanel have signed on to be the new stars of Absolut. The Absolut World idea “is based on inspiring, thought-provoking communication that sparks conversation and encourages people to express their visions of the world”, according to The advertisements, shot by renowned Ellen Von Unwerth, will feature drinks made with the vodka, with visions on worldly themes and current events. The two leading ladies will bring these drinks, and the exceptional experience that goes along with it, to life. The New York Times blog, Media Decoder, mentions the Absolut Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, and Crush as three of the featured drinks.

And yes, I suppose after a few of the concoctions, conversations would spark—whether they are thought-provoking or express world visions, I’m not so sure. The bigger question is—will Kate and Zoeey evoke the same following and popularity as the previous ads? Judging by the looks of the scantily clad goddess above, I think it’s safe to say people will stop and stare. But will we ever truly live in an Absolut World? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Posted by Daisy