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In Case of Emergency, Call Kraft marlo marketing. In Case of Emergency, Call Kraft.

In Case of Emergency, Call Kraft

Image Source: Kraft

We all know how stressful holiday shopping can be, especially with kids in tow. The crowds, the never-ending shopping list, the hanger, the drama; it can be overwhelming for some. Thankfully, most temper tantrums can be solved with food. Capitalizing on this, Kraft Singles announced their latest promotion: Emergency Grilled Cheese. While parents were busy doing their holiday shopping in Times Square and their kids were mid-meltdown, they could text Kraft for a free delivery of “America’s favorite sandwich.”

Kraft set up a pop-up at a local Five Guys Burgers & Fries storefront to produce the grilled cheeses. From there, delivery workers on bike and foot awaited texts from parents desperate for a break. To get a free delivery, all parents had to do was text their name, location and the number of grilled cheeses that would (hopefully) stop the tantrum, at least temporarily.

Kudos to Kraft for turning a common holiday problem into a marketing opportunity. If only there was a texting service for free wine delivery…

Posted by Julia