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In Need of a Fascinator

In Need of a Fascinator

I’m a big fan of hats. Straw fedoras in the summer, knit toques in the winter…I’ve even been known to rock a flannel hunting cap with ear flaps (OK, it was just once, but still). Whether for fashion or for function, I love covering up my dome-piece with something that says, “Hey, look at me—I’m wearing a hat!” It should come as no surprise then that within three minutes of hearing about Kate Middleton and Prince Williams’ engagement, I immediately began planning a royal wedding party with “fancy head-topper” being an integral part of the required dress code. The time was nigh to shell out the big bucks for a royal-style hat.

Though I’m a fan of wide-brimmed, Kentucky Derby-style hats, I’d have to say that my all-time favorite type of royal headwear would be the fancy feather/lace/flower combinations that daintily rest askew on one’s head with little bits going every which way. I’ve always called these types of hats “those feather thingies,” so I was beyond myself when I stumbled across a photo gallery dedicated to these crazy hats (officially called “fascinators”—utter linguistic perfection) and the crazy royals who wear them. And while Ms. Middleton gives good fascinator, Princess Beatrice of York (daughter of the OG Fergie) really takes the cake.

Armed with all of this millinery inspiration, I think I’ll pass on commissioning an official fascinator and opt for a homemade piece. All it takes is a few feathers, some tulle and a few shiny baubles. There’s an AC Moore somewhere around here, right?!

Posted by Amelia

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