Influencer Aja Dang Addresses The Elephant In The Room

Image Source: @ajadang

I started following Aja Dang on YouTube for her skincare expertise (WTF is a gua sha? SHE WILL TELL YOU), but soon discovered that on her channel, she was talking about something no other influencer was: the crushing student loan debt that over 44 million Americans are facing (collectively adding up to 1.5 trillion – more than American’s credit card debt). The average student loan borrower has over $37k in student loans.

In 2017 Aja opened up to her hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers about her student debt, saying she owed $200,000 in student loans after going to private universities for undergrad and grad school. From then on, she created monthly budgeting videos and shared the Google doc she used to track her expenses and income. These videos go from inspiring to heartbreaking (after she paid off $10k worth of debt, she broke down, realizing she still had $150k left). “It’s the constant feeling of never being satisfied, because you make these huge payments and then you barely make a dent,” she said in one of her videos.

So, I’d like to say thank you to Aja Dang for keeping it real, and for addressing something her young audience can surely relate to – the financial devastation young Americans have to endure to get a college degree.

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