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Inhaling Salvia with Miley

Inhaling Salvia with Miley

Growing up, I had a whole plethora of issues: allergies to eggs, tomatoes, food coloring, nuts, seafood, berries, as well as itchy skin if I sat on the grass or petted a dog or cat. Headgear, which only lasted two weeks, ultimately led to four years of braces, and as if that weren’t enough, asthma fell under this umbrella of afflictions, too.

Let me tell ya — kids were not kind.  As if I had any control over the fact that I needed to puff on an accordion of air and drugs (yes, this is what my first inhaler looked like)! Luckily, the breathing-challenged today have a much better selection of inhalers.

Count on the likes of Miley, Bieber, and even Dora the Explorer to make opening up the airways cool. Peabody Energy, “the world’s largest private-sector coal company,” has launched a new initiative called Coal Cares designed to let kids “inhale with pride.” These inhalers are free to any family that lives within 200 miles of a coal plant and come with a coupon for $10 off the cost of medication. Well, that’s super nice, but I can’t help but think of Erin Brokovich and what she’d have to say about this, especially since studies have shown asthma to be common in people who live near coal plants.

I digress…

Despite the questionable motives of the folks at Peabody Energy, I can honestly say that if given the opportunity to jazz up my inhaler when I was younger, I would have jumped at the chance. Taking a puff while staring into Bieber’s big brown eyes definitely would have made the experience more enjoyable.

 Posted by Haley

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