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Inky Business

Inky Business

My lipstick never stays on; no matter what “cover stay,” primer or hue I use, it’s off within 10 minutes. Well, friends, I think I’ve found the solution to my lipstick woes: Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos.

From “The Red Fishnet” to “The Gold Glitteratti,” my lips can be tattooed to match my every outfit. Better yet, each $15.00 package gives me three different applications. That’s more bang for my buck than my NARS gloss gets me…plus, it’ll stay on all day!

Ok, stop right there.

Did you think I turned into a FREAK over night? Temporary tattoos, for my lips? Puh-leez! These bizarre-looking creations put the “t” in trash. Ok, I’m cool with the temporary tattoos for nails (I mean I wouldn’t sport them, but I respect the trend), but tattooing my lips with checkers and cheetah print? No, thank you.

Seriously, what WILL they think of next?

Posted by Alyssa

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