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Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

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So there’s a new viral trend sweeping the country – no, not on the interwebs, but IRL (or ‘in real life’ to sound all scholarly…). Seriously though, the jig is up, the joke is over. WTF is going on with these creepy clown attacks? This is literally my nightmare, same for you? That whole dark, morbid ‘twisted, macabre circus’ theme has gone from thriller movie cliché to a commonplace occurrence. This phenomenon has turned cities and neighborhoods everywhere into little shops and houses of horror.

Will these hoaxes come to a halt after Halloween? Or is this schadenfreude outbreak now a fixture of the autumn season? Please let it be the former, because this is just too freaky and needs to stahp right now.

Pardon me for delving into a psychoanalysis of the masquerade world, but I can’t help but wonder just why clowns can be so frightening to so many (myself included) people? Clowns are performers wearing just a liiiittle too much makeup, and are meant to bring feelings of joy, amusement and childhood nostalgia. So why is it that they are such polarizing characters to so many of us? I’m quite spooked by these mimes both in digital form and in person; even the photo above is making me grimace. And don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING cheery nor whimsical about menacing, costumed adults roaming the streets like denizens of the night, often wielding weapons.

Maybe it’s the bright pop of color, the maniacal, Joker-esque grins? The huge, floppy shoes or the exaggerated red button noses? Or maybe the very notion of pretend and ‘make-believe’ irks us because we don’t really know what lurks beneath all of that face paint and a facade of whimsy. Whatever it is about regular, ‘nice’ clowns that can be so off-putting, this creepy clown mania is only further damaging reputations for all birthday party performers. ‘Clown Lives Matter’ rallies and marches are being organized in an attempt to quell the public’s fear and misconceptions about clowns. Yes, you read that right. ‘Clown Lives Matter’ protests. What is life right now?

Let’s hope that this bizzaro epidemic soon runs its course and ends forever. In the meantime, sweet haunted dreams to us all.

Posted by Ilana.