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Image Source: IndyStar

In the past week or so, I’ve come across multiple articles about “plogging.” Of course, because it’s a very fun-sounding word, I decided to dig deeper into what it is. Just in time for Earth Day this weekend, I’ve learned that plogging is a great fitness trend that will help clean up our world!

Plogging, which mashes up the word “jogging” with the Swedish phrase “plocka upp” (which means pick up), is literally picking up litter while jogging. While not exactly new, having originated in Sweden in 2016, the plogging trend is picking up (no pun intended) steam all around the world. Plogging became popular thanks to social media, where ploggers share their garbage hauls from their runs and walks. Their “loot” is kind of equivalent to a finisher’s medal for a 5K – they show off what they’ve accomplished and honestly, some ploggers have made their trash look like art.

In addition to helping make our planet a cleaner place, there is also the bonus of plogging possibly being a better workout than just regular ol’ running. You could burn 15 to 30% more calories, thanks to the extra energy expended by stooping to scoop up cans, bottles and other litter, as well as from carrying the bags of trash you’re accumulating.

So, as you work on your cardio health on your next run, consider grabbing a bag and some gloves and helping the health of Mother Earth, too!

Posted by Sylvie