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Insert Cocktailing Moment Here

Insert Cocktailing Moment Here

While some are easily offended by blatant in-your-face advertising, I pretty much stand behind campaigns that are clever and unique, regardless of their sexual content (Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign comes to mind). So, imagine my surprise as I waited for the T home the other night and came face-to-face with SKYY Vodka’s latest ad: the signature bright blue bottle wrapped between a woman’s legs clad in tight, shiny red leather and heels.  Talk about blatant.

Phallic elements have long-been present in advertising, but normally in some kind of creative and strategic way. But let’s call a spade a spade here, SKYY: your vodka is up in that chick…for lack of a better description. Personally, I can get over the ad’s overt implication of penetration, but what I find most entertaining is SKYY’s reasoning behind their “SKYY Sexy” campaign.

From the company’s press release via Business Wire:

SKYY Vodka’s new advertising campaign exemplifies the brand’s evolution in advertising away from blaring sex appeal and detailed storytelling, towards imagery that is evocative yet less literal, leaving more to the imagination…The “SKYY Sexy” campaign is designed to engage and invite consumers to insert themselves into the sexy vodka cocktailing moment that SKYY is presenting in the ads.

WOW, where do I begin? Brand evolution AWAY from blaring sex appeal? Imagery that is less literal? That vodka bottle is F-ing this chick! If this isn’t blaring sex appeal, I assume former SKYY ads can be found wrapped in plastic behind the cash register at your local 7-11. Campaign designed to invite consumers to INSERT themselves in the moment??? Hi Pot, it’s Kettle.

This ad, appropriately called “Sexy Legs,” is one of five ads in the “SKYY Sexy” campaign. “Unzipped,” “The Package,” “Lip Service,” and “Iced Down” are to be revealed soon via the brand website, Facebook and Twitter pages. I’m definitely interested to see what these will look like, but it would be so much cooler if SKYY owned the overt sexuality of its campaign. Stop pretending “SKYY Sexy” is about reveling in a “vodka cocktailing moment” and — repeat after me — SEX SELLS.

Posted by Haley