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Insomnia And The Internet marlo marketing insomnia and the internet

Insomnia And The Internet

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Sleep has always been a bit of a struggle for me (I’d like to blame my zodiac sign – “[Geminis] may plan to go to bed at an early enough hour but then they’re on social media or planning their next trip to Croatia until the wee hours”). As I’ve grown up and become an adult that needs my mind and body to function at a high performance level for long hours, it’s turned from a struggle to an uphill battle.

I’ve tried a lot of things: established a routine, invested in various herbal, mushroom and valerian-based supplements, purchased a white noise machine, a silk eye mask, a Himalayan salt night light… the list goes on. I even follow @alwayssssleep on Instagram, for sleep inspo.

Yet, still, I do not sleep. I had just about given up, resigned to the fact that sleep would be the Romeo to my Juliet. I even invested in an expensive eye cream to hopefully alleviate my dark circles, as I would never get enough sleep to do so naturally.

BUT, then a little something called CBD started to hit mainstream. And when I say mainstream, CBD is everywhere. Like, e v e r y w h e r e. For someone who has literally zero interest in the THC-infused form, CBD caught my interest. I was interested neither in the pretty packaging of CBD-infused sparkling water, nor the anxiety-reducing gummies. But, I began seeing CBD as something people were taking to cure their insomnia. Let the rapid Google searching begin. “Does CBD get you high?” Answer is no, perfect. “Is CBD legal?” Answer is yes, legal enough to be ordered online to most states, currently. Even better. Me being me, I found one of the most bougie CBD brands, Beboe – the “Hermès of Marijuana” according to The New York Times – and placed an order. marlo marketing insomnia and the internet
Image Source: beboefamily

So, here is hoping my insomnia cure is on it’s way to me in the mail right now, in its luxurious little packaging, and that some night soon I will peacefully fall asleep at a decent hour. My fingers are not only crossed, but always at the ready for rapid-Googling to research trends I find on the Internet.

Posted by Giana