Instagrammable AF: #TheCADO

Call me a basic millennial, but I love avocado. It’s delicious as avocado toast, guacamole, baked with an egg in it, deep fried, on top of a salad, in a taco, in a sushi roll…the options are endless.

If you’re sick of all the avocado recipes already filling up your Instagram feeds, I hate to be the bearer of bad news: my fellow avocado fans will likely be clogging your feed with more avocado ‘grams. A pop-up immersive avocado museum called “The CADO” is coming this summer to San Diego and it promises to be very Instagrammable.

Image source: The CADO

Sponsored by The California Avocado Commission and built out of fused-together shipping containers, The CADO will let you “walk through the skin and into the fruit” as you learn all about the California avocado. Exhibit features include a “Ripe Room” that teaches visitors how to identify perfectly ripe avocados by touching textured walls, an ombre hallway that is reminiscent of the flesh of an avocado, a powder room that is perfect for taking selfies while you learn about the beauty benefits of avocados, a gift shop that looks like a grocery store, and an avocado grove where you can enjoy “avocado-centric bites.”

So if you’re feeling like the Museum of Ice Cream has had its moment in the Instagram spotlight and you’re ready to get more fruit in your diet and camera roll, avocadon’t miss your chance to get tickets to The CADO ripe now because FOMO is the pits.

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