International E-Cup Day for Men

Melons, tatas, jugs – words to make light of the awkward word “breast,” but for some people, boobies aren’t a laughing matter. Sometimes they are heavy. So heavy, in fact, that they are a pain. Boys drool over the flaps of fat that hang from our chest, but what they don’t realize is that boobs aren’t all fun and games.

As a large and in charge gal myself, I can tell you first hand the annoyances of these watermelons that appeared on my body one day in the third grade. I remember it so clearly. I was a chunky girl, so I figured I was just getting another roll of fat, this one a little higher than the rest, but then my mother said those cringe-worthy words, “let’s go to Macy’s, we’re buying you a bra!” From that day on, my life was doomed.

Fast forward 17 years and buying a bra still makes me cringe. While I’ll stay #classy and not reveal my size on the, let’s just say I don’t fit into the normal spectrum of letters. When I am lucky enough to find a 34ZZ I purchase it right away even if it doesn’t have the support I need. Because it fits, that’s a big win in my book.

The other night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across an AdWeek article on PrimaDonna lingerie. I had never heard of these guys before, but I saw “It’s International E-Cup Day for Men” and I was hooked.

This marketing tactic is genius. They got me. I laughed and even learned that my tatas could be the same weight as the free weights I use at the gym. My life makes sense now.

Following the commercial I went online and looked for a bra for myself. The prices are hefty; I am sure the bras are too. While I didn’t buy one yet, this commercial truly shows the power of PR. Instead of going with the traditional man-think — big boobs are sexy boobs — they decided to listen to us and tap into the message that used to be a girls-only convo. BIG BOOBS ARE ANNOYING AF. Talk to any girl with anything bigger than a D and you’ll get these responses. Sex sells, but compassion sells more, so a big thanks to the men at PrimaDonna Lingerie for taking a walk in our bras.

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