Introducing m.guest

It’s a new day in the White House (yea!) and a new day at  Welcome to the first m.guest – yes, sir, we’re talking make way for guest bloggers!  Whether it’s your favorite writer at Boston magazine, a stylist sharing professional tips or a local restaurant legend who just likes to make lists….m.guest is their new outlet.


Can’t wait to make part of my daily routine. Topics I would like to blog about—

1. Rajon Rondo

2. How much I love Scampo

3. Ladies–please stop wearing sneakers with business suits

4. Mean-spirited blogging

5. That new W Hotel is really fucking big

6. Rebecca Alssid-doyenne of the Boston food scene (mainly just so I can use the word “doyenne.”)

7. Seasonally-appropriate ordering of beverages

8. Pandora function on an iphone-probably the coolest thing ever and the inventor should be up for a Nobel prize

9. Why does the Leverett Connector go from two lanes to one lane, and then back to two lanes? I know there’s a reason I just need someone to tell me what that is.

10. Tyrone — the doorman at the Beehive

Posted by Garrett Harker, Proprietor, Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks

Posted By: marketingmarlo

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