Introducing the Vibrating Fork

If you’re like me, you may have made a health-based resolution for 2014. One of mine is to make more trips to sweetgreen and less stops at Sugar Heaven (aka turn left when leaving marlo marketing/communications at lunch instead of right). Admittedly not particularly original; this is the time of year when thousands swear they’ll go to the gym more often, get in shape and be more mindful in their eating.  For that last one, I had no idea equipment would be required!

Yep, the other day while reading The Wall Street Journal, I stumbled upon an article about the HAPIfork — it vibrates if you take more than one bite in 10 seconds. Apparently it will also blink green if you eat slowly and send words of encouragement like “Great Timing!”  (Because who couldn’t use a little positive reinforcement?!)  All this while simultaneously sending the data to your phone, allowing users to see and track progress.

Images source HAPIfork and The Wall Street Journal

I’m all for health, wellness, and fitness. I love me some green juice and try to keep my diet free of processed foods (besides that occasional sweet treat from the candy store next door). All that said, I don’t see this catching on. I can get down with electric toothbrushes, but don’t need a vibrating fork.  Plus at $100 a pop, I’d recommend they incorporate a 10 lb weight, so at least you can kill two resolutions with one…fork!

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