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iOS 12: The Update We’ve All Been Waiting For?!

iOS 12: The Update We’ve All Been Waiting For?!

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I can’t be the only one who ignores iPhone updates at all costs to avoid the inevitable upgrade to the newest device. Well, it appears this vicious cycle has come to an end, thanks to Apple’s newest software update: iOS 12.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but even I am psyched to hit that update button. For starters, iOS 12 is compatible with iPhone models as far back as the 5S, meaning the act of updating your phone will no longer slow down your current device’s functionality. Can you say GAME CHANGER? Another great feature – iOS 12 finally introduces Group Facetime! That’s right, no typos here. It allows to have up to 32 people chatting at once, whether it be a gossip session with friends or a conference call with the office. You can start it directly from your group chats and join an active call from that same group.

And if it couldn’t get any better, we can all get a much-needed digital detox with the new “Screen Time” feature, which allows you to not only see how much time you spend on an app, but also gives you the option to limit your usage. You can set a daily time limit for an app, and once that time has been reached, you are shut out of the app until the next day (or until you deactivate it yourself, which is cheating if you ask me). I can see this feature having a strong appeal to parents whose kids are a little too submerged into the digital world.

Apple, you’ve hooked us again. Let’s see what you come up with for iOS 13…

Posted by Cayla