iPad? More Like iPrude

For a gadget that takes its name from a feminine hygiene product, the iPad sure has some hang-ups when it comes to lady bits. In his quest to uphold “moral responsibility,” Apple czar Steve Jobs has blocked pornographic content on the iPad, preventing offensive material from soiling the screens of his precious brainchild. The iPad has a strict no-nipple policy, extending its reach to everything from porn to nude art photography. Magazine publishers from Dazed & Confused and Vice are crying unjust censorship after Apple demanded they clean up content before editions would be available on iPad apps. A spokeswoman for Bild, a German gossip rag, ranted “Today they censor nipples, tomorrow editorial content.”

Wait a tick – wasn’t the iPad initially hyped as a savior for the endangered magazine breed? I didn’t realize this so-called “technological innovation” was, in fact, a cleverly disguised portal to the Victorian era. Go figure!

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