Iron Chef Meets BeautyCon with the Face Full of Food Challenge

We’ve seen a lot of challenges as of late – the Mannequin challenge, Andy’s Coming challenge, cinnamon challenge, etc. – but the latest one to sweep the interwebs is the Face Full of Food challenge, which isn’t anything like the Chubby Bunny challenge, despite what the name may imply. In this latest trial, beauty vlogger @Makeup_Maven uses foodstuffs found in her kitchen to create a perfectly contoured face of makeup and challenges her 16k+ followers to do the same.

During this short video, Raychel Newton proves that cacao powder, honey, coffee, Easy Mac dust, “buttery spread,” artificial sweetener, flour, beets and coconut oil can be applied to lids, cheeks and lips to create a pretty impressive look. My favorite part? The Snickers bar that doubles as a snack and a contouring tool –I may be able to recreate that step, or if I’m being completely honest, just the eating part!

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