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Is Aerosmith Angry At You?

Is Aerosmith Angry At You?

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Currently my Facebook newsfeed informs me that someone’s “real age” is 54 (she’s 29), someone should actually be living in Vermont instead of Boston (actually, I’ve told myself that several times without taking a quiz), and someone’s pop icon identity is Taylor Swift…but she really wishes it had been Beyoncé. These BuzzFeed quizzes are sucking the life out of us. It makes me take much-needed hiatuses from Facebook, which frankly, is a good thing all around.

But if you haven’t wasted enough time finding out who your spirit animal is, I encourage you to check out Our favorite parody source, The Onion, left the print world and is now going viral and brilliantly mocking the BuzzFeed’s and garbage news sources of the universe.

In my opinion, here are a few awesome “click worthy” posts:

Quiz: is your Dad proud of you?

Find Out What Justin Timberlake Has to Say About His Steak (spoiler alert: he likes it medium rare.)

Quiz: what song is this?  (There’s a part that goes, like, “WHORP WHORP WHORP WHORP”)

16 Incredible GIFs We Would Make if We Knew How (E.G., Rashida Jones downs a huge cup of coffee in half a second, looks pained for a moment (like her throat has been scorched by the coffee), then turns to the camera and shrugs nonchalantly)

Is Aerosmith angry at you? (Did you offer to drive Aerosmith to see Edge Of Tomorrow and then not pick any of them up? Then yes, they hate you.)

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