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Is Gray the New Black?

Is Gray the New Black?

In the August ‘Age Issue’ of Vogue, 46-year-old model Kristen McMenamy is featured in a 12-page editorial spread titled “The Age of Consent.” In it, Kristen models subtle classics like camel coats, menswear-inspired suits and long wool jackets. In a conscious departure from the overzealous teen spirit that has clogged the runways for the past 15+ years, Vogue makes a deliberate decision to herald a more sophisticated and mature perception of beauty and style. Long gone are the miniscule mini skirts and non-existent hot pants that have graced the pages of Vogue for the last two decades. Ushered in with panache are boxy wool jackets and demure dresses. Oh, and did I mention that Kristen is rocking a head full of waist-length silvery gray hair?

An eerie cross between Dumbledore and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland, Kristen is an alarming vision to behold in the pages of Vogue. Don’t get me wrong, the woman is hands-down, hauntingly beautiful, but there’s something a little harsh about a mane of silver hair jumping out at you from the pages of the fashion bible. And clearly, I’m not the only one that thinks so. In two of the 12 shots, Kristen wears a shoulder-length, brunette wig with youthful, almost-childlike bangs. What gives with the wig? More than anything, it’s confusing. Why slap a youthful wig on someone whose very maturity you seem to be championing? Riddle me that, Vogue fashion editor Tonne Goodman!

As controversial as it may seem (if an older woman’s natural hair color can be deemed controversial), Kristen isn’t the only gray-haired beauty in the limelight. Gray by choice on the cover of Vanity Fair’s forthcoming September issue, Lady Gaga is the latest high-profile silver fox.

Could this be the beginning of a far-reaching beauty trend? Would you ever go prematurely gray for the sake of fashion?

Posted by Amelia