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“Is Pepsi Okay?”

“Is Pepsi Okay?”

Image source Business Insider

Sometimes as smart, savvy people in the communications industry, we become jaded when it comes to seeing advertising campaigns and slogans that are supposed to fool us into buying that souped up vacuum cleaner on the infomercial, the fiber filled cardboard crackers that will make us lose three pounds, or toothpaste that will brighten any smile. I can’t watch 10 minutes of TV without saying out loud, “who falls for this stuff?” That’s why I loved this article from Business Insider about Clif Dickens, a graphic designer in Nashville, who created a website called Honest Slogans that “re-imagines what corporate logos would look like if they were being honest about the goods and services they sold.”

These made me laugh out loud – check them out and tell me they aren’t so true…


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