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Is This Real Life…Or Is This Just A Sticker? marlo marketing airpod stickers

Is This Real Life…Or Is This Just A Sticker?

Image Source:The Verge

As a designer, and particularly as one working at a marketing agency, I’m all in when it comes to interesting guerrilla marketing tactics. After all, what better way to expose the public to a brand or product than by taking it literally to the streets? Guerrilla marketing stunts are aimed to disrupt a person’s everyday life through some sort of unexpected interaction that makes them do a double take and stop for a moment to engage with a brand in a way they never would have normally.

San Francisco-based creative Pablo Rochat recently induced quite the public “panic” by covering city streets with life-sized, hyper-realistic AirPod stickers, causing passersby to do a double take and try to pick them up.

Rochat’s prank/public art piece was inspired by his own fear of losing the expensive Apple product, perhaps speaking to deeper ideas of consumerism and dependency on technology. Though not a marketing tactic by Apple, the stunt has called attention to the product and is quite frankly just funny/interesting to watch:

While Rochat’s stunt was just for personal amusement, imagine how easily this idea could translate into a larger-scale marketing tactic. Hyper-realistic stickers made to look like products (here’s looking at you, bags of Plant Snacks) could be strategically placed around a public space (think: subway station, public square, grocery store, etc.), eventually leading pedestrians to a street-team of brand ambassadors handing out samples.

The possibilities for the application of stickers in guerrilla marketing tactics is nearly endless, and it’s a fairly inexpensive but potentially really effective stunt. Although some pedestrians might be frustrated upon being “fooled” by the stickers, it would definitely get them thinking!

Posted by Brooke