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Is this Wrinkled?

Is this Wrinkled?

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Every morning as I rush to get out the door there’s always a brief pause as I wonder “do I take the time to steam this? Or is making it out the door in time to be able to grab a coffee on the way to the office the bigger priority?” I’m a little ashamed to admit that nine times out of 10 the coffee wins (caffeine addiction is real, people). That being said I’ve never had a friend, co-worker or stranger call me out for wearing something that was maybe just a little too wrinkled… until recently.

I woke up with an agenda; I needed to drop off a couple of dresses at the dry cleaners (it was a now or never situation, since the wedding I needed to wear one of the dresses to was only two days out) and I needed to make it to Mul’s Diner by 7:45am to have breakfast with a friend pre-work – needless to say this was a “coffee over steamer day.” I got to the dry cleaners in plenty of time and as I passed my dresses across the counter the male employee looked me up and down with a slight frown. After getting the once over, he politely offered to press the dress I was currently wearing, while I waited in the tailor’s dressing room. While I have to say this was the least creepy way I’ve been asked to strip (you’d be surprised the things people will yell out on Boylston Street on a Saturday night) I was still slighted at the thought that he considered my dress to be so poorly kempt. Naturally, I politely declined. But instead of letting it go he offered again, insisting that it would only take three minutes. I left as quickly as I could in my apparent mess of a dress.

The moral of the story: while my generation of millenials (or messes of young people as we’re commonly known) often get away with wearing wrinkled clothes.

(if Kerry Washington can do it why can’t I?)

…maybe we should pay a little more attention to the lessons our mothers’ tried to impart on us, especially when it comes to ironing. We may think we look fine but you never know who’s watching (or who is going to call you out on your skewed priorities). I can’t promise I’ll choose the steamer over the coffee moving forward — but I think there will definitely be a longer pause in the morning to consider my options from now on.

Posted by Gillian