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It’s A Human Eat Bug World

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It’s A Human Eat Bug World

Image Source: Eater 

Plant-based ‘meat’ is the hot trend of 2019, but what’s next? The future of food is alternative proteins. We are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of various types of food production, especially animal farming. With the more environmentally-conscious millennial and gen Z generations taking over the consumer marketplace en masse, the demand for more environmentally-friendly products has skyrocketed. Enter the Impossible Burger. You’d swear its actually meat, but what is it really made of? Plants – kind of. I turned to the omnipotent Google and discovered that, while yes, it is technically made of plant derivatives, it actually contains a bunch of processed oils and some other things I had to break down syllabically in order to pronounce. Vegan? Sure. Healthy? Maybe not.

While plant-based may be trending, so are health-conscious foods. People are more and more frequently reading the ingredients and weeding out the products that contain things they can’t pronounce. So, yes, animal products are out, fake meat is in – for now. What’s next on the horizon for the ever-innovative food industry? Bug burgers. Yes, burgers that are made out of insects… EWWW.

Actually, insect protein has been making its way slowly into the food scene for the past few years. About five years ago I ate a protein bar made of ground-up crickets (because it touted itself as being gluten free and I had just been diagnosed with celiac disease) and the whole time I couldn’t stop imagining myself as my childhood pet lizard, Spike. In fact, we here in the US of A are a bit behind the curve – two billion people in 130 countries worldwide are already eating insects on a regular basis! I mean, just think about how the act of eating raw fish used to disgust the refined American palate. Now sushi is among one of the most highly regarded date-night dinners. That’s right, you heard it here first – in a few years you’ll be meeting your Bumble date at the hottest new bug burger joint in town!

Posted by Catherine