It’s a Sea Turtle! It’s a Baby Whale! It’s a Dinosaur! It’s a F&*king Sunfish!

Growing up in the outskirts of Boston, you were either #blessed with a Boston accent or you quietly slipped through the cracks and evaded the time-old habit of dropping of your “r’s.”  While I (thankfully) dodged a bullet from pronouncing car as cah and mirror as mirrah, the same cannot be said for Michael Bergin from Medford.

Why do I bring up Mr. Bergin? So funny you should ask… seems that Michael went on a fishing trip with this kid Jay and they came across an animal that he just couldn’t quite pin down. In shock with fear and excitement, Michael went on a tirade of expletives complete with the most typical Boston accent. Honestly, I laugh/snorted when I first watched this. Enjoy.

Some things I thought during the video:

1. Jay does not seem concerned atall with this discovery
2. Biggie Smalls’ Juicy is playing the background—I like their taste
3. Did Michael get his mouth washed out with soap growing up? He should have.
4. Sunfishes are really fugly, I agree.
5. I love Michael, I want him to be my friend

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