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It’s All In the Eyes…

It’s All In the Eyes…

So you know that phrase “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder?” Read on…

First the House of Dior released two sets of monogrammed, gold-flecked contact lenses designed by John Galliano. Next, Lady GaGa popularized the larger-than-life, bug-eyed look and now…British artist Jessica Harrison has designed her very own set of fake lashes made from fly legs. Yes, you read it right, fly legs. Fly legs that she glued to her eyelids!!!!!!

Granted, this look wasn’t intended to be fashion-forward or start a beauty trend. Rather, Harrison set out to create a sculptural video for a play on the idea of Chimera — the study of genetics in regards to a being with two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells. Wait…what?

This look was apparently intended to highlight the use of the fly in the investigation of genetics and their supposed similarity to the structure of human DNA. So…from a scientific perspective this is a worthwhile project as flies are apparently the latest living species to somehow be linked to humans and this artist has created these “flylashes” as said expression? No, I’ll disagree. It’s plain disgusting.

Posted by Shaina