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It’s “Bark” To School Time marlo marketing

It’s “Bark” To School Time

Image Source: Zippy Paws

Ahh, the last few weeks of summer. While many people dread the cooler temps and shorter days, I personally relish the change of the season and look forward to autumn ahead. Around this time of year, I find myself a bit nostalgic for back-to-school shopping trips, loading up on all the coolest school supplies like backpacks and binders (#lisafrankforever). As a kid, I loved the smell of a new notebook, the fresh sharpness of a brand new Ticonderoga #2 pencil, the perfect color of an unused Pink Pearl eraser… I guess without knowing it at the time, that was a bit of the designer nerd in me.

Flash forward to present day and feeling a bit left out of the back-to-school excitement, I was recently browsing my usual design inspiration blog feeds and smiled wide when I saw none other than an adorable, school supply-inspired dog toy collection from Zippy Paws. With plush crayons, snacks, notebook and more, pups can now get in on the fun! The dog days of summer may be gone, but it looks like the dog days of back-to-school and beyond are definitely here. marlo marketingImage Source: Zippy Paws

What an A+ marketing tactic indeed. Millennial and Gen Z consumers have embraced pet-owning lifestyles more than any other generation before, so it only makes sense that pet product companies want to appeal to these young adults. Cute, seasonal-themed toys are only a small section of the huge, fast growing industry of pet products and services that are targeting millennial consumers. High quality pet clothing, healthier food options, tech gadgets and more are readily embraced by young adults who more often are choosing to have fur babies first and delaying human parenthood.

I’m literally the ideal target demographic for this product – a millennial dog-mom with a penchant for cleverly designed, cute things. It’s taking every ounce of willpower not to shell out some dough for this toy set for my pup Pixel. I know she would love it (and probably reduce it to a pile of stuffing in about two hours flat), but it’s safe to say she has plenty of toys to keep her occupied for a while.

Posted by Brooke