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It’s Time For Some Diversity, Victoria’s Secret

It’s Time For Some Diversity, Victoria’s Secret

Image Source: @leynabloom Twitter

While the renowned Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show isn’t until fall, transgender model Leyna Bloom is using the power and reach of social media to get the brand’s attention as they scout for this year’s models. With her goal set to be the first trans model of color, or of any race, to appear in the show, she’s using Twitter to spread her message to VS that “#transisbeautiful” and its show should be all-inclusive.

Since she began modeling professionally in 2014, Bloom has longed to work with Victoria’s Secret. “It’s always been a dream for me, like so many others, not just trans — POC, all women, and some men even… This is a platform that glorifies femininity… For my trans sisters, regardless of color, this will be a moment for us all,” she told Yahoo.

Many members of the Twitter community are coming together to support Bloom’s mission and help her secure support from Victoria’s Secret, hoping she will be the one to break through and pave the way for other transgender models for years to come.

With a running trend of a lack of diversity from Victoria’s Secret, specifically when it comes to its fashion show, many viewers and models alike are standing by to see if the brand will take Bloom’s hint and start representing well-deserving, talented transgender models of color. Whether included in this year’s show or not, Bloom’s public actions on social media have inspired thousands so far and will continue to do so. Keep doing what you’re doing, Leyna! Here’s to hoping brands and individuals encourage diversity and practice inclusion as a result of your brave and bold actions.

Posted by Victoria