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It’s Time to Retire the Reboot marlo marketing

It’s Time to Retire the Reboot

Image Source: Nickelodeon via Seventeen

I’ll say it — I hate reboots. I’m one to fall victim to the nostalgia of shows that I watched growing up, but every time I give a reboot a chance, I am thoroughly disappointed. When popular Nickelodeon shows like iCarly and Victorious made their way onto Netflix, sure, I was happy. Did I binge both shows within a week? Absolutely. The shows’ iconic dialogue was locked away in a secret vault in the back of my brain, only to be unearthed almost a decade later. But the recent announcement of an iCarly reboot seemed iffy to me, especially since Nickelodeon had severed ties with its original creator, Dan Schneider, due to his abusive and, quite frankly, creepy behavior towards many Nickelodeon stars. Without Schneider, did Nickelodeon, too, fall back on rebooting his iconic shows to play off his original success? Or, is the network trying to show it can do more without Dan Schneider?

The possibilities for new shows and new plots are endless, and yet Hollywood falls back on a cushiony Plan B: The Reboot. There are a million writers with a million different, good ideas, but why does Hollywood feel the need to keep beating a dead horse, well – to death? The answer is simple: it makes good money. Hollywood feeds off the nostalgia millennials, Gen-X, and now Gen-Z, share. Do we really need a billion different versions of the same Marvel movie? The same Star Wars movie? Did we really need a “live-action” Lion King, when it was really just poorly made CGI? Sequelizing media will arguably contribute to the death of cinema, along with the hits to movie theaters dealt by the pandemic.

Of course, this won’t stop me from watching the iCarly reboot, if only to be thoroughly disappointed once again!

Posted by Hannah