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Jessica Simpson is fat? Not fat? Who Cares!

Jessica Simpson is fat? Not fat? Who Cares!

Battling bronchitis this past week, I had the chance to catch up on my reality television, talk shows, and gossip channels. Topic of the week: Jessica Simpson’s battle of the bulge! Even President Obama has “weighed” in on this travesty? Hello?  Doesn’t he have a country to run?!?!

Here’s the back story: Simpson was performing at a chili cook-off in Florida (someone needs a new agent!) when she was seen by hundreds wearing a mismatched outfit that even the worst dresser wouldn’t be caught dead in. High-wasted jeans (which aren’t figure-flattering to begin with), a double-leopard belt, and a fitted black tank top. This choice of clothing sent the media running for the hills with comments that Jessica had “ballooned”, become “obese”, and down right “fat.” When in actuality, I think it has nothing to do with being anything other than about a girl who’s proud of her body, but has a horrible sense of style and fashion.  Not really a crime–and definitely not worthy of being a top story on the nightly news or in the Times.

Of course, it’s brought out commentary from everyone.  Stick-thin models like Heidi Klum proclaimed “Leave Jessica alone!”  Curvaceous Kim Khardashian defended Simpson saying, “Oh my God, Jessica looks hot!”  Even Simpson’s ex-husband Nick Lachey commented, “I hope she’s happy, whatever size she comes in.” Newly appointed President Obama even had a thought, during a Super Bowl special with Matt Lauer. When Lauer asked how he felt regarding his family being bumped from the cover of US Weekly for Simpson, Obama responded, “Yeah, it’s a little hurtful.” And then he commented by saying, “Jessica is in a weight battle, apparently.”

This is ridiculous…ridiculously funny that someone’s poor taste in fashion has caused “chaos” throughout the country. My advice to Simpson would be this: You are beautiful (although admittedly not always the brightest bulb) and–damn it, girl–you’ve got something going on! So, my advice: first and foremost, hire a NEW stylist! A revamp of your wardrobe will make the cameras smile and put you back on the cover for all of the RIGHT reasons. Second, avoid the tabloids, don’t respond to these comments and live your life how you wish—regardless of your size!

Obviously, next week a new celebrity will wear something just as bad, act like a drunken fool, forget to wear underwear, yadda, yadda, and will find themselves the next magazine cover.  And hopefully, this time, that’s as far as it goes–Obama’s way too busy fixing the country to be concerned with pop culture.  Me, on the other hand….I’ll still be reading!

Posted by Jillian