Journée internationale des femmes / International Women’s Day: U.S. Talks the Talk but France Walks the Walk

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With Instagram’s shitty non-chronological algorithm, you’re probably still seeing posts on your feed about International Woman’s Day. (Dear Instagram, get it together.) While I personally enjoyed and appreciated every single inspirational Instagram post I saw on my feed, something I enjoyed more was actual change… Just recently, France said “c’est fini” when it comes to the gender pay gap, which exists all over the world and its currently at nine percent in France.

Over the next several years, French companies with more than 50 employees have to install software that monitors any employee pay gap, according to German news site DW. If the wage gap isn’t justified, the company has three years to get it together before it begins to face fines.

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To give some background, France’s recently elected president Emmanuel Macron has identified the fight for gender equality as the “grande cause nationale” of his presidency and seems to be making good on his word. How’s that for International Women’s Day — on whatever day it happens to be (thanks, Instagram!)? 😊

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