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Just Another Reason Why Ellen Rules All

Just Another Reason Why Ellen Rules All

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Ellen has always been and will always be my favorite talk show host/human being of all time. I just want to be friends with her. Who doesn’t, really?

Anyway, Ellen recently had Kanye West on her show to debut his new music video, “Bound 2,” which features new fiancée and baby mama Kim K, in a rather salacious fashion. If you hadn’t noticed, anytime Mr. West opens his mouth, it’s pretty much a news story. Because he says things like this:

Ellen asks if Kanye and Kim had planned for children..

Kanye: “I mean, we were just practicing all the time.. then practice made perfect.”

Regarding his proposal to Kim..

Kanye: “Yeah, just awesome. I just think that Kim is awesome and she just deserved like a, a, awesome moment.”

For more nuggets of intelligence, check out this article by The Daily Beast.

I give mad props to Ellen for being able to look interested in what Kanye is saying when she interviews him. That takes quite a bit of patience. But on her show last week, Ellen showed the Kardashian holiday card, which reportedly cost them $250,000. Well, we knew they liked money. Then she proceeded to show her and Portia’s Christmas card, which was inspired by “Bound 2.”

As subtle as Ellen is, it is clear she is taking a jab at KK, right? I like to think so, anyway.

All I have to say about this is: your move, Kanye.

Posted by Erin