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Just Being Honest…

Just Being Honest…

Image Source: Nebraska Tourism Commission via Adweek

Ever thought about visiting Nebraska? If I’m being honest, the thought has never really crossed my mind, which is exactly what the Nebraska Tourism Commission is trying to change with their latest campaign. Using the slogan “Honestly, it’s not for everyone,” the state of Nebraska is utilizing humor and the power of self-awareness to attract tourists that might never have otherwise considered visiting the state as a destination.

With a focus on the laidback lifestyle and picturesque landscape Nebraska provides, as shown through beautiful scenery and sarcastic undertones scattered throughout its recent ads, the tourism campaign takes a seemingly dull location and adds some interesting humor and unexpected intrigue to the destination.

Image Source: CNN

Attracting tourists to a new location can be challenging. John Ricks, Executive Director of Nebraska Tourism told AdWeek, “To make people listen, you have to hook them somehow… We had to shake people up.” I think it’s safe to consider that goal was achieved.

Though it wouldn’t have been my first choice of a vacation destination before, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about Nebraska as much as I have since seeing this new campaign. Might just be time for a trip to the Cornhusker State!

Posted by Victoria