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Just Call Me Always Hungry

Just Call Me Always Hungry

If this isn’t a good enough reason to switch from a Blackberry to an iPhone, I really just don’t know what is. A cell phone cover that looks like Japanese food. Like really looks like Japanese food. Looks so much like Japanese that now I’m extremely hungry.

The person who designed this must have read my mind, because 1. I am finding reasons to get rid of my Whackberry, and 2. My largest weakness is Asian food. Since Strapya World, the Japanese retailer behind this delectable product, doesn’t make the phone cover for a Blackberry, I may have to order in an iPhone. I wonder if Apple signed a contract with this phone accessory vendor, because that would be the best stealing-customers-from-your-competitor scheme ever!

The cover comes in a realistic looking Bento Sushi Roll; Yakisoba, which looks like really great lo-mein; Tonkatsu, which I must try ASAP; and a good ol’ Sunny Side Up Egg with Bacon.

I wish the cell phone cover emitted the smell of Japanese food, because unlike my opinion on the meat billboard of North Carolina, that would rock. Purposefully forgetting the price of the iPhone, at $43 each, the cover is the equivalent price of a decent Asian meal — and I’m craving it already.

Posted by Amanda