Just in Case You Need to Say, “I Don’t”

One of my favorite “go-to” blogs, The Hairpin, recently posted on the ultimate “get back at him” accessory.

Designer Kate Bauman’s “Til Death Do Us Part” ring features four diamond engagement rings (they’re faux, ladies; I know, total bummer. I was excited too…) for four of your fingers. A spin-off on those super trendy knuckle rings from last season, this accessory offers the Bridezilla with a punch of steel…just in case things get ugly at the altar.

Not betrothed? Have no fear; this ring doesn’t require a husband-to-be to wear (and use). In fact, it could be quite the conversation starter for a single girl to wear out to a bar one night. After all, who needs a bouncer when you have four killer engagement rings on your fingers? And we all lived happily ever after…

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