Kanye’s Left Out and He’s Probably Pissed


Image source TIME

I’ve never claimed to be super knowledgeable about music, and my listening pleasure is typically limited to the 90’s on 9 SIRIUS XM station in my car (don’t even ask me what Spotify and Rdio are). However, even I was surprised by the results of a map outlining each US state’s most listened-to band. The Echo Nest, a “music intelligence platform” pulled together all their data on America’s favorite music and created this gem of a map, reporting musical preference revelations that I find bizarre. Some of my faves:

My home state of Connecticut = David Guetta??? Since when do suburbanites and folks on Wall Street listen to house music?

Maryland = Kelly Rowland. Beyonce says, “who?” Also, why is Kelly on here but not Beyonce?

West Virginia = Matchbox Twenty… hello 1998!

Arizona = Linkin Park… see above.

And in the sarcastic “shocker” category: New Jersey (Bruce Springsteen), Vermont (Phish), and New Hampshire (Grateful Dead). Duh.

All I know is, Kanye is nowhere to be found and Yeezus is probably PISSED….!

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