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Kanye’s Left Out and He’s Probably Pissed

Kanye’s Left Out and He’s Probably Pissed

Image source TIME

I’ve never claimed to be super knowledgeable about music, and my listening pleasure is typically limited to the 90’s on 9 SIRIUS XM station in my car (don’t even ask me what Spotify and Rdio are). However, even I was surprised by the results of a map outlining each US state’s most listened-to band. The Echo Nest, a “music intelligence platform” pulled together all their data on America’s favorite music and created this gem of a map, reporting musical preference revelations that I find bizarre. Some of my faves:

My home state of Connecticut = David Guetta??? Since when do suburbanites and folks on Wall Street listen to house music?

Maryland = Kelly Rowland. Beyonce says, “who?” Also, why is Kelly on here but not Beyonce?

West Virginia = Matchbox Twenty… hello 1998!

Arizona = Linkin Park… see above.

And in the sarcastic “shocker” category: New Jersey (Bruce Springsteen), Vermont (Phish), and New Hampshire (Grateful Dead). Duh.

All I know is, Kanye is nowhere to be found and Yeezus is probably PISSED….!

Posted by Amanda