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Kardashians? Kill Me Now

Kardashians? Kill Me Now

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t obsessed with the Kardashian clan. I love the shows, I love that not one of them has an inch of talent, and I love that Kris (the mother, for the two of you left who don’t know that already) pretends that she loves all of them when it is clear to the entire world that she loves Kim the most.

That being said, I think that the (relatively) new Kardashian Silly Bandz are a little bit much.

At one point I tried to jump on the Silly Bandz train by wearing the princess sparkly-themed Bandz layered with my Michael Kors watch. And yes, I know how embarrassing that is. This phase quickly ended when I realized that I was twenty years old and in college.

The Kardashian Silly Bandz pack includes, among others, shapes of the girls themselves, a high-heeled shoe, a large diamond ring, and oversized sunglasses. What I want to know is (1) how many more things the Kardashians are going to get paid for that they do nothing other than give their name to, and (2) when is their world domination going to start winding down?

Yes, I am most definitely jealous, and no, I will not stop masking my jealousy with anger. I don’t see much of an end in sight for the krazy kids (see what I did there?). They will continue to take over the world, one useless product at a time.

Posted by Brooke