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Keep Calm and Sing On

Keep Calm and Sing On

When technology fails, people freak. I’ve seen adults run around like chickens with their heads cut off because they can’t pull up a presentation right before a big meeting, or the Internet decides to fail two minutes before an important deadline. It’s what we do in those two minutes that determine what kind of people we are.

At the start of what I’m sure was a very important high school volleyball game in San Antonio, Texas, a technician pressed “play” on the school’s CD player to cue up the National Anthem and silence ensured. I wasn’t there, but I’m sure that the technician and many around him/her were freaking out. It’s what most of us would do. But not Marina Garcia. This 17 year old volleyball player stepped up to the mic and, as Marlo would say, “got sh%! done.”

With the nation more divided than ever, pro athletes boycotting the national anthem and violence and chaos across the nation, it’s important to recognize that there are still strong people out there who respect the men and women who have worked so hard to get our country to where it is today. IMHO, Marina Garcia is one of those people.














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Why this high school is still using a CD player, who knows, but what I do know is that this chick is a rock star. Life doesn’t always go the way we plan, but it’s what we do in those moments that determines our future. Thank you, Marina, for reminding us to turn setbacks into opportunities and just get sh^# done!
Posted by Christina B.