Keep It in Your Pants, Boys

Image via That’s What She Said

Take a moment and read the sign above… Okay, now that we’re all on the same page, can we all give a collective WHAT THE F*CK?!

It seems UMass Amherst has a bit of a sticky situation on its hands (so to speak), with what can only be interpreted as buckets of semen clogging up shower drains in men’s bathrooms across campus. While I don’t really know the logistics of it all, I imagine it would take thousands of bros ejaculating into the same drain simultaneously to wreak the sort of havoc this notice implies.

I mean, this has to be a prank, right? Either that, or the school must have a disproportionate number of lonely, horny men roaming the quad.

My takeaway? I’m glad that a) I never have to be subjected to dorm living again and b) thank god I’m not the UMass plumber!

Posted by Abby

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