Keep It On the (Shhh) Low

Shhhhhhhh.Once upon a time, very very long ago, before the dawn of new media and the like, a wise man who lived on a political hill (Washington, DC or Beacon…TBD) offered a sage piece of advice that was passed down through generations of aspiring staffers. I was offered this piece of advice during my first job out of college, working in the Governor’s office. The mentor who relayed this proverb didn’t intend for it to sound questionable or serve as a cover for dishonest behavior, but rather to acknowledge that in the multitude of words there is great room for transgression. Though working in a different industry now, I find these words ring just as true.

Never write what can be said, never say what can be implied and never imply what is already understood.*

*This quote does not apply to unscrupulous government office holders. We need them to continue to brazenly carry out their offenses so we can make good on our God-given right to vote their asses out!

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