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Keep Your Kisses Secret

Keep Your Kisses Secret

It’s easy to glamorize the city life—the noise, the energy, the fashionable people, the best restaurants, bars, entertainment and night life. It takes a certain type of person to thrive in a city environment. As a Jersey girl, New York and all of its craziness will always hold a special place in my heart. That being said, sometimes we all need a moment to ourselves: that hard-to-come-by moment of privacy when we can shut out the rest of the world.

Clearly, the team of designers behind the Privacy Shell spent too many sleepless hours flipping through the editorial pages of couture fashion magazines when they found their latest inspiration. Channeling something in between a bad Lady Gaga music video and a science-fair project, this personal shield is guaranteed to draw more attention to you than deflect it. Available in different sizes, the Privacy Shells can be big enough for two people (let your imagination run wild!) or small enough to cover your eyes as you try to sleep on the train home.

While you’ll no longer be one of the thousands of folks moving invisibly through their daily life, at least you won’t be able to see all of the stares directed at you!

Posted by Emily