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Keeping Cool and Connected

Keeping Cool and Connected

It’s officially cold and though I really don’t mind the winter, I do have a few seasonal gripes…defrosting the car, salt on the sidewalks tearin’ up my shoes, and the whole glove vs. iPhone debacle. I’m probably not going to get one of those remote car-starters and practical footwear isn’t my bag, but I am happy to report that over the past couple of days I’ve come across a few brands of phone-friendly winter gloves that promise to keep me walking and talking without missing a beat.

Agloves — Born in Boulder, this glove concept uses everyday knits enhanced with silver-coated nylon fibers resulting in a conductive material that will activate your touch screen. Agloves use the super-fabrics to create the whole glove, as opposed to just a couple of finger tips, to increase the “natural bioelectricity” in your hand. This allows you to use any digit you want to text your friends. A little boring looking, but affordably priced at $18.

Sak’s Cashmere hat and glove set — No techno-enabled fabrics here, but the fingertips do flip down for easy touch paddin’…$158 for the set and available in a tasteful range of charcoals, greens and browns.

Echo Designs — Patented eLink fabrics are sewn into the fingertips of a wide variety of gloves with a range of cute reverse color finger tips and design accents…cashmere, acrylic, fleece and wool, the Echo touch gloves are available in a range of attractive colors, styles and prices range from $30 to about $80—available at Zappos and locally in Boston at Shake the Tree.

Style, price and functionality considered…my recommendation would be the Echo Touch Gloves…now someone needs to design some kind of ear muff or stocking cap with built-in Bluetooth (or maybe I should keep that lil’ tidbit of entrepreneurial genius to myself!).

Posted by Sam