On the DVR schedules of nearly every mm/c lady and gent this season was the Bravo series “Kell on Earth.” Comments about Andrew’s sartorial taste, Skinner’s meltdowns and Kelly Cutrone’s commanding presence punctuated office chatter as the show gave us a glimpse into the inner-workings of another agency. Sadly, there has been a noticeable void in our Monday night TV lineups (and subsequent Tuesday morning staff meeting conversations) since the show went off air. While the network drags its feet on renewing the show for a second season (as if there’s even a question of its popularity), Kelly has taken the bull by the balls and launched a YouTube channel, KellyCutroneTV.

Thus far, Kelly and Co.’s missives include commentary on Andrew’s $2,000 Rodarte sample sale purchase, a true-or-false game with Skinner, an interview with Ava and a sing-along of “Betty Davis Eyes,” led by Kelly. The common thread among each video is, of course, massive sun glasses. I’ve gotta hand it to Kelly — she sure knows the power of keeping her brand alive and relevant during the show’s hiatus.

While I’m yearning for the gang’s return to prime time, their YouTube channel will satiate my People’s Revolution cravings in the meantime.

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