Ken Bone Becomes a “Bone-afide” Star

During the heated second presidential debate, one undecided voter stole the show. With his thoughtful question on energy policy, his bold red sweater and his iconic name, Ken Bone took the Internet by storm during and after the debate.









Image source Twitter

Twitter went wild for Bone and memes started to flood in.











Image source Twitter

Following the debate, Bone appeared in The New York Times, in Time magazine and was interviewed by Anderson Cooper. There was even a sexy Ken Bone Halloween costume (now sold out, unfortunately).











Image source Mashable

And like any smart person would do, Bone is capitalizing on his new found fame by selling limited edition t-shirts.













Image source Twitter

In a heated election season with a lot of turmoil, it’s nice every once in a while to have something lighthearted to laugh about. So here’s to you Mr. Bone, America’s newest sweetheart.


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