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When I graduated from NYU and moved into my first apartment, my dear little sis bought me a set of gorgeous rose-tinted wine glasses goblets that I immediately made good use of. Downside? The growing pooch I found myself with. Turns out, whenever I’d break out these bad boys, I’d end up sipping almost twice the Sauv as the standard 5oz serving of wine. I’m not alone either. Most of the items we use to eat and drink — plates, bowls, glasses — have all grown in size over the past few decades, seriously distorting our view of a correct portion size.

Now, aiming to keep health-conscious winos in check, Etsy artisan CaloricCuvee has created this hand-etched, dishwasher-safe glass for just $12.95. Marked in 2oz increments with the number of calories each sip will cost ya, you can start with a minor 50/2 and work your way up to ‘who cares’/10+.

While staring at the calories you’re consuming from unwinding with a glass of wine might not be totally relaxing, it’s certainly better than waking up one morning to the realization that your nightly habit’s packed on 5lbs. Sorry sis, but my new favorite glass is the one I got at a Cisco Brewery wine tasting last year. With its 30ml (1oz) marker, I know exactly what the perfect pour is…and with swimsuit season in full swing, it’s been worth it.

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