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This year I’ve taken my winter blues and cabin fever to a new level – complete animal obsession. Perhaps living in a city has gotten to me after five years but never before have I paid so much attention to #Caturday, Youtube animal compilations and animal memes. Of course my fascination eventually brought me to search for a low-maintenance animal that I could smuggle into my tiny apartment and care for daily. My search finally led me to mini pigs, or teacup pigs. I was sold after one video.

Reasons Why Owning a Mini Pig Seemed Perfect For Me

Habits and Cuteness Factor: Pigs are very smart animals and can be trained like dogs for tricks and like cats to use a litter box. Mini pigs favorite things are long walks on the beach (daily walks), blankets, and teeny pools of water to play in. On top of being tiny and fuzzy, their sounds are the cutest. Squeakier than an “oink”, I would describe it as a “kersnuffle”.

Life Longevity: After having to put a beloved family dog down after just a few years due to medical complications, I was thrilled to learn their life span is 15-20 years.

Price Range: According to, I was looking at spending anywhere from $700-$1200. Of course the younger and cuter the pig, the more expensive. It seemed wrong to buy younger, who knows if it was taken from its mother too early, and I was happy spending less on a slightly older, yet still completely adorable, little piglet.

Reasons Why Mini Pigs Are Not Suitable Pets After All

Cost: Specialty vets cost more and pigs require just as much attention as dogs or cats, if not more. They also have to be neutered or spayed.

Size: Alas! Mini pigs can become quite large as Paris Hilton discovered just 2 years after buying a teacup pig of her own. Full grown mini-pigs can weigh anywhere from 20-300lbs. Although there are some breeds that end up small, there is no way to tell how big your pig might be because there is no such thing as a “pure” teacup pig.

Laws: Mini pigs were first bred for medical research. Because of unpredictability in size and ability to be domesticated without being sterilized, laws change frequently and vary state-to-state. Coupled with a 15-20 year responsibility, there was no way this could work for me.

So lesson learned: Owning a mini pig would not be similar to owning a dog or cat. They require just as much care and attention, if not more. And really, a pig is still a pig…Nothing wrong with admiring these little ones online though…at least until spring has really arrived!

Posted by Audrey