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Kick the Coffee Habit Once and For All!

Kick the Coffee Habit Once and For All!

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 Anyone who has spent any time with me knows that I am pretty much useless without my morning latte. Whether I get my fix from Starbys or the office Nespresso machine, that little jolt of sweet, sweet caffeine starts my day (and no – regular coffee won’t do). Unlike many who wear the number of cups they drink a day like a badge, if I could go back in time pre-latte addiction, I would. My bank account would be larger, my teeth would be whiter, and I would not suffer from headaches, random insomnia, and regular energy crashes.

So when I heard about a product could exist that could solve all of my caffeine woes, I was intrigued. Joule, the first caffeinated bracelet, claims to “provide convenient, consistent, all-day energy with no crashes, no long lines at the coffee shop, no stained teeth and no calories!” That sounds like my kinda caffeine fix!

Apparently it works exactly like a nicotine patch – a transdermal caffeine patch which slides into the bracelet gradually administers a steady supply of caffeine (approximately the equivalent of one medium cup of coffee over a four hour period) into your skin, providing the positive effects of caffeine without the rest.

If you’re like me and want to know where to get one of these doodads PRONTO, you may be out of luck. Currently the Joule is only an Indiegogo campaign, but a successful one at that – it has raised over $70K, which is over 450% of its goal of $15k (guess I’m not the only one who’d go all back to the future!). And at $29 for a starter kit (one bracelet and a month’s supply of patches), the Joule would cost significantly less than my current caffeine habit.

Sorry Nike FuelBand, but this wearable may be the newest real estate on my wrist, and I can’t promise there is room for the both of you…

Posted by Erin D.